VNECO wishes to become a leading corporation in the fields of engineering, construction and installation, supply of package equipment, technology transfer and investment in power sources projects, grid systems for the electricity industry. and infrastructure in Vietnam.

Sứ mệnh

  • Developing Vietnam's electricity industry.
  • Bringing electricity to all parts of the country.
  • Developing green energy. 
  • Contributing to national economic development.
  • Bringing opportunities for personal development, fully taking care of the spiritual and material life for employees.
  • Enhance shareholder value.


Cultural values of all VNECO employees

  • Innovation: The spirit of learning, always improving to boost work efficiency.
  • Teammates : Team spirit, sharing, cooperation, synergy towards the common goal.
  • Dedication: The spirit of self-expression, contributing for society and the community through work.

Cultural values of management level

  • Ambition: Always have a goal and act with passion.
  • Integrity: The foundation for righteous decision making, not for personal purpose.
  • Intellect - Trust: Intelligence, insight, foresight, decisiveness and respect for prestige.