Completion 500kV Đuc Hoa substation and connection project

1 / 06 / 2121 | Tin tức và Sự kiện

Recently, the Southern Power Projects Management Board (SPMB) coordinated with relevant units to organize the successfully switch-on acceptance of the 500kV Đuc Hoa substation and connection project.

This project was built in Hoa Khanh Dong commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province, invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT). The station has one 500kV-900MVA transformer, six 500Kv compartments, seven 220Kv compartments. In the part of the connection line connects to the 500kV Pleiku - Phu Lam line, it has the 500kV connection part 1 (12.5km) connects to the circuit to Cau Bong, the connection part 2 (12.5km) connects to the circuit to Phu Lam.

At the same time, the construction of 220kV connection line No. 1 with a length of 24.8km has connected to Duc Hoa 220kV substation, 220kV connection line No. 2 with a length of 29.3km connected to 220kV Phu Lam - Long An transmission line. .

The project completion helps to connect and release capacity of power centers in the Southwest region (Long Phu, Duyen Hai, Song Hau, Kien Luong); strengthen electricity supply to meet the economic development needs of Long An and Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas; improve the stability and reliability of the power system.


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