Applying the technique of pulling wire without touching the ground to the project of Quang Trach - Doc Soi 500kV transmission line

1 / 06 / 2121 | Tin tức và Sự kiện

In recently years, VNECO has promoted investment in technology, specialized equipments, updated science and technology to apply in organization and quality supervision in construction, speeding up installation progress of projects that VNECO is investing in or the general contractor.

VNECO is organizing the installation of wire stretching with non-ground tensioning device, spreading the rope to pull the bait cable by drone at 500 Kv Quang Trach - Doc Soi.

In 2020, VNECO has synchronously invested in non-ground tensioning equipment with the drone to spread the rope to pull the bait cable in the process of spreading the wire of transmission line works overhead power supply voltage up to 500 kV. For the application of new technology, the quality of the works is guaranteed, and the waiting time is reduced due to problems with compensation and power cutting off. In particular, the constructions are quickly executed in complex construction terrains such as deep river crossings, high mountains, swamps. It is contributing to completing and exceeding the schedule of the Investor’s request.

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