Solar lighting remote villages in Thanh Hoa

Earlier this April, Thanh Hoa province has six villages in remote areas is Cao Hoong, Kits, PON, Thuong Son, Eo Dieu (Ba Thuoc district) and Valley (Lang Chanh district) are lit by solar energy through a project of the French non-governmental organization Gret.
The most special thing is the project chose the four middle-aged women belonging to ethnic minorities from the aforementioned village to attend courses on solar lasted 6 months (March to May 9-2015) at Barefoot school in Tilonia, India. The goal of the project is the women selected for training posts will return to serve society after the end of the course. Thus, the selection criteria are women over age 40 are married and living in the villages of the project. They do not need to know the language, did not even need to read and write.
To fit these criteria, Barefoot College has designed and implemented a training program very special bypass traditional teaching style heavy on theory or certificate qualifications that focus on only sure way to take hands, learning by doing. End of the course, participants will be able to connect the circuit and installation of portable lights, rechargeable controller operation and power plant size and assembly of parts, batteries, lights and controllers.
Ms. Pham Thi Five live in rural Valley, one of the four students selected recounts: "When selected school, I both joy and sorrow. This is my first time to go abroad and not at home for so long. Moreover, I do not know anything about electricity, not to mention solar energy, a concept of subliminal sounds confusing. The first few weeks of our four sisters was difficult: we miss home, speak, do not know, that's not to mention learning the whole circuit with electrical equipment. Fortunately the very creative faculty and heartedly. They use color tape to help us identify, distinguish the parts ". Like the people of the Valley, she was the Muong year. She is 48 years old and has 10 grandchildren, both internally and externally.
With the guidance of project staff, village Valley has established solar Board consists of five members, she Five serves as chief technologist. She conveyed what he had learned in India for the remaining four members and start going door to door for installation of solar energy equipment including solar panels, batteries, electrical stimulus machine, portable lights large size and four tube fluorescent lamps. All the equipment is imported directly projects from India and provided free of charge to all households in the village. After a week of installation, the entire village was lit with solar power. The village also set up solar energy fund for maintenance of equipment maintenance and procurement of replacement parts when necessary to ensure the sustainability of the project.
According to Nguyen Huu Ninh, Country Representative of GRET Vietnam, this project has social meaning very practical. On the one hand, it gives the power light relative living in remote areas. On the other hand, it helps build the capacity of local communities, especially empowering to women because they have the opportunity to learn and do things that, by default only for men.
She Five adds: "When the device was taken to the village, I was less concerned. After 6 months on the water, do not know they still remember the learned knowledge and skills? I have been mounted device? Fortunately, things are technical advantages. During the installation process, there are some technical problems, but I and the board handled. Now I feel more confident. I had to grasp new technologies and can teach villagers ".
Currently, there are about 150 villages under 10 mountainous districts of Thanh Hoa province has no national power grid. Solar power can help improve livelihoods, while limiting the harmful effects on the environment caused by burning oil dependence, as well as reduce the risk of fire.
Pham Van Dung, Thung village head excitedly shared long-term economic plan for the village, "Village Phone sun bright, cozy superior. The education of children as well as evening activities take place much more favorable. We will set out the knitting group, brocade textiles for women and training for young welder to assist these people in the village have more income, better settle down. "