Hue unsafe due to mining land grid

Last time, the province of Thua Thien Hue illegal logging takes place a massive land, causing the risk of unsafe corridor grid system is huge.In this situation, beginning in April, power management Division (Department of Trade and Industry Thua Thien Hue) went to check the field in some 110 kV lines in Huong Thuy town, including sections 110kV line connecting hydro power plant to go through the ward Shui Ta Trach and Phu Luong Son (Huong Thuy town). Through recorded more about the column abused by illegal land exploitation in the power grid safety corridors.Specifically, at position number 02 M1-M2 column, 03 M1-M2, M1-M2 04 ... a large area of ​​land under conductor system objects are exploited illegally plowed land, taking land away reads nearly 3m depth, very close passages turbine foundations subsidence risk very high columns. In particular, at foot poles with 02 M2-M1 number pedicures land little column, multiple columns foot of land stolen, mangled.Exchanged views on this issue, Mr. Hoang Van Loc - power management room said: Exhaustion illegal land here can cause subsidence foundation columns, particularly the column pouring rainstorms, high risk infringement safety distance between vehicles grid (trucks, shoveling dirt ...) with electric wires.After the field trip inspection, 4/4 days in writing to the People's Committee of Huong Thuy town and Hydropower Joint Stock Company Bitexco Ta Trach (Bitexco Company Ta Trach) Department of Industry and Trade stressed: This line abused by the exploitation of land and power grids, in violation of the safety corridor for high-voltage grids; can influence the column foundation subsidence, particularly column pouring rainstorms; High-risk violations safe distance between vehicles grid (trucks, excavators land ...) with the power cord; potential outages life-threatening to humans and the safety of the grid ... is huge.Department of Trade proposed Huong Thuy Town People's Committee to direct the departments and People's Committees of communes, wards and units in collaboration with the management of assets, management and operation of high-voltage grid check, prevent, handle violations according to their competence, enhance communication and dissemination on the mass media in order to ensure local safety of high-voltage power grid as stipulated in Decree No. 14/2014 / ND CP dated 02/26/2014 of the Government detailing the implementation of the electricity act on electrical safety. Ta Trach Bitexco Company must organize 110kV power line inspection to detect and prevent in time violations of the power grid safety corridors; assess the effect of harming the texture processing lines and incidents, if any; strengthening inspection promptly stop the violations and coordination with state agencies competent to make records on legal sanctions in the area of ​​electricity, breaking records transferred to the competent authorities administrative sanctions as prescribed.Also, according to a Department of Natural Resources officials - Environment Hue said, the last time there is some land now illegal mining has been handled, but still repeated. Looking ahead, the Department will strengthen inspection and further coordinate with the agencies to control the illegal exploitation of land, ensure strict, regulated.