Corporation Vietnam Electricity Construction Joint Stock organizing campaign Summarizing emulation phase 1 work on DZ 500kV Quang Ninh - Hiep Hoa.

After 03 months of competitions and campaigns implemented in the spirit of the Joint Directive No. 250 / CTLT-VNE-VP dated 27/02/2012 between the CEO and Chairman of the Trade Union Corporation "v / v launch a movement 1st competition on key projects DZ500kV Quang Ninh - Hiep Hoa "; Last month 06/2012 to moral foundation items in 02 lots of 8.1 and 8.2 by contractors VNECO basic construction was completed (138/146 VT has accepted), except for some positions due to the compensation of all obstacles investment, expected to be completed in 07/2012.
Aiming to encourage and reward the individual collective efforts to participate in the process of construction, to meet the requirements for the progress and quality of the investors; on the basis of recommendations of the Steering Committee works and Emulation and Reward Council Corporation, CEO and Chairman of the Group Corporation has rewarded the decision in the spirit of the Directive and associated criteria President.
On the evening of 26/6/2012, in the city of Uong Bi, Quang Ninh, the Corporation held a ceremony Summary 1st competition campaign with the participation of leaders of corporations, trade unions BTV, the PSC the Corporation and the units involved in construction.
At the ceremony summing up had 08 collectives and 09 commanders and 10 skilled construction workers of units outstanding was received Certificate of Merit from the General Director of the Company. Besides, BTV Unions Corporation has also awarded certificates of merit to 04 collectives and grassroots trade union organizations and 08 trade union members had outstanding achievements in participating competitions and campaigns.
Ending the ceremony summing up, the unit determined to complete the remaining positions as soon as investors hand over and join other items of construction of the facility after the launch of the 2nd competition Corporations.

Here are some pictures of the ceremony summing up:

Article and photo: Nguyen Duc Hong