Bước 1: Ứng tuyển

Send candidate information form or narrative curriculum vitae (CV), including personal information, the process of learning, experience, goals, personal preferences ... send to recruiting section under the method is guided in the postings recruitment.

Step 2: Receive and file screening

After the candidate filing, apply information. We will gather and choose candidates who have the information close to the requirements of the vacancies to invited for tests and writing essays. These records are not appropriate, we will save for the position and the period after.

Step 3: Interview

Through this interview, the company has additional information to assess the suitability of candidates for recruitment to job vacancies. Some key factors are considered when interviewing: The ability to communicate, ability to work (individually or in groups), the ability to organize work and planning, the ability to think and solve problems, check some of the information in the dossier: the process of learning, experience, skills ... Depending on the candidate and the position can be more than one interview.

Step 4: Contract Agreement

The selected candidates through the interview will be scheduled to a meeting to agree on contract labor and related issues, including: the type of contract, employment, wages, working time. Everything is done under the next labor contract and the guidance of the officer directly and HR staff.

Step 5: Completing the records

After receiving the matriculation notice, candidates need to prepare and submit the following documents to the HR staff to complete the procedures for receiving new staff: CVs original | Birth certificate or a notarized copy | Health certificate circle marked | Photo identity card certified by local | Diploma copy | Certificate students (if applicable) | Transcripts and certificates copies | 02 of 03 x 04, 2 photos 04x06.