Electricity Construction

VNECO has nearly 30 years experience in the field of construction of power projects and transmission lines and electrical substations with capacity of different designs from 35 kV to 500 kV; general contractor for the power projects.

Industrial production

With nearly 30 years experience developing jointly Vietnam grid, VNECO always proud to supply the quality products industry for EVN.

Delivery of equipment

Package equipment supplier of materials and equipment Electricity, Delivery of supplies, accessories lines and substations up to 500kV transformers, Delivery of materials and equipment Thermal power

Investment Power

With its growth strategy in recent years has concerned investors VNECO development of power, the power sector join hands to solve the power shortage annual dry season. VNECO are cooperating with foreign corporations to invest in renewable energy such as wind power projects; Project Solar, Geothermal Power...

Services - Consulting

With its growth strategy in recent years, VNECO provide management services, operation, maintenance, maintenance; grid systems consulting, construction consulting overhead lines and substations, construction consulting power plant - renewable energy.