Vision - Mission - Value

VNECO desire to become a leading Corporation in the field of engineering, construction, equipment supply package, transfer of technology and investment projects in the power, the power grid for power sector, industrial and infrastructure in Vietnam.

  • Joining hands to develop Vietnam's power sector 
  • Bring electricity to every part of the country 
  • Development of green energy. Contribute to national economic development 
  • Delivers personal development opportunities, care and spiritual life full of material to employees 
  • Improving the value for shareholders.

Cultural values of all officials and employees VNECO

  • Innovation: The spirit of learning, always improving to enhance work efficiency.
  • Team: Team spirit, sharing, cooperation, and work together towards common goals.
  • Dedication: The spirit of self-expression, to contribute to society through community work.

Cultural values of the management level

  • Aspiration: Always have goals and act with passion.
  • Integrity: The foundation for sound decision-making, not for personal gain.
  • Faith: Wisdom, insight, visibility, decisiveness and respected reputation.