From 2/1998 to 9/2002:

Viet Nam Electricity Construction Joint Stock Corporantion was estabished in 1998 basing on the unification of Wire Construction and Station No 3 Company and Wire Construction and Station No 5 Company according to Decision No174 NL/TCCB on 22/02/1998.
1994 – 1997: the company entered in the accounts directly under the Electricity of Viet Nam.

In 1998, Vietnam industrial construction coporation was established according to Decision No 90 TTg of Prime Minister and No3 electricty construction company is a subsudiary company of Vietnam industrial construction coporation. In this stage, the charter capital is 8.377 million dong.

From 10/2002 to 11/2005:

According to Decision No 862/QD-TTg of Prime Minister, 30/09/2002 and Decision No 46/2002/QD-BCN of Minister of Energy. The new company activated according to the model of mother company-susidiary company.

In this stage, charter capital of the company increased 74.780 million dong. The company improved electricity construction, civil projects, industrial production (telegraph pole, building materials…) and developed tourism services and factory of zinc-plated telegraph pole structure. Besides, the company concentrated to turn directly under units into subsidiary companies such as joint stock companies and limitted companies. At the same time, limitted companies were turn into joint stock companies.

From 12/2005 until now:

On 11/11/2005, the Minister of industry made Decision No 3309/QD-BCN approving to transform Electricity Construction No 3 Company into Viet Nam Electricity Construction Joint Stock Corporantion. Now the coporation are promoting investment in hydroelectric plants (Khe Dien, EaKrong Hnang, Dacpring, Chaval hydroelectricity...), infrastructure business, house and immovables business and tourism services. At the same time, the coporation is extending development in constructing National Grid systems, industrial and civil projects and industrial production (telegraph pole, building materials..).

Chater capital of the cooprarion from 11/2005 to 01/2007 is 150 million dong and increases 320 million dong in 02/2007.

Achivements of the coporation until now

  • 1992-1994, finishing 531km of 500KV North-South electric wire.
  • 1997-1999, finishing 40km of 500KV Yaly-pleiku electric wire.
  • In 2001, project of manufacturing and zinc-plated telegraph pole factory with capacity of 10.000 ton/year began to activate.
  • 2001-2006, finishing 488.582km of 500KV wires Phu My – Nha Be – Phu Lam, Pleiku- Phu Lam, Pleiku – Doc Soi – Danang, Da Nang – Ha Tinh, Ha Tinh – Thuong Tin, Nha Be – O Mon.
  • In 2004, project of manufacturing and zinc-plated telegraph pole of the factory with capacity of 15.000 ton/year in Ho Chi Minh city and steel factory in Qui Nhon Vinh officially activated and steped the capacity of the coporation up to 35.000 ton/year; investing 3-star Green Nha Trang Hotel and 3-star Green Nghe An hotel.
  • In 2006, investing 4-star Green Hue Hotel with 199 rooms.

Titles of the Coporation:

  • 01 first-rate Independent Medal.
  • 01 third-rate Independent Medal.
  • 03 first-rate Labour Medals.
  • 16 second-rate Labour Medals.
  • 42 third-rate Labour Medals.
  • 06 flag of exellent emulation granted by the Government in 1992, 1993, 1992-1994, 2000, 2004, 2006.
  • Vietnam Labour General Confederation granted 05 flag of exellent unit in 1992-1994, 1993-1998, 1995-2000, 2004, 2006.
  • Ho Chi Minh Central Communist Youth Union granted 03 flag of exellent emulation in 1992-1994, 1993-1998,2005.
  • The coporation was granted hundreds of certificates of merit by Central and High Land People’s Committee.
  • Danang Committee of the Party recognised that the Coporation met standard of immaculate and powerful typical unit in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 and was recognised to be immaculate and powerful unit in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006.
  • The Minister of Finance and General Directorate of Tax commend and reward achivement in executing tax policy in 2004, 2005, 2006.