General introduction

Company name:

Abbreviation: VNECO

344 Phan Chau Trinh Street, Binh Thuan,
Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

Phone: + 84 (0) 236 356 2361
Fax: + 84 (0) 236 356 2367


Business registration certificate:
No. 3203000819 by Department of Planning and Investment of Danang City December 1, 2005, business registration changes seventh December 17, 2015, under which the Corporation operates under Certificate. Business registration and tax registration number 0400101450 by Department of Planning and Investment of Danang City.

Capital: 823,575,050,000 VND.

Equity: 945,516,002,797 VND.

Stock code: VNE


Scope of activities of the coporation: 

  • Constructing electricity system project and substation 500KV, power souce projects,industrial and civil projects, irrigational traffic,cultural and sport projects, airport, port…
  • Designing and manufacturing zinc structure, mechanical and zinc-plated production. 
  • Producing many kinds of materials, equipment, electricity spare-part,centrifugal concrete high tension pole and other concrete productions; producting and trading building materials; trading home decorarion productions,immovables and petrolium.
  • Producing and trading electricity.
  • Experimenting and adjusting technological parameter of electrical devices and electrical projects.
  • Investment consultant and construction consultant consist of forming and assessing investment projects; field working, design projects; project management consultant; tender and economic contrast consuktant, purchasing materials, equipment and technology consultant.
  • Ex-import business: electrical materials,building materials,equipment of transport, executing vehicles, technology line and other industrial devices… 
  • Training technology worker, expert and manager meets the development demand of enterprise. 
  • Investing undependent electrical factory.
  • Trading housing development and urban infrastructure, industrial zone, export processing zone,high technology zone, ecotourism. 
  • Financial investment.
  • Exploiting, processing and trading minerals.
  • Trading reataurant, hotel and toursim services,sports,entertaiment; trading domestic and international tourism.
  • Trading transport of passengers and goods in contrast.
  • Trading repairing vehicle and transport.
  • Installing electricity eqiupment, electronics, telecommunication,civil electricity.
  • Trading office and sanitation devices. 
  • Trading candy and cookies,wine, beer, tobaco, agriculture goods, food, handicraft, personal and family effects.
  • Hiring office, business premise.
  • Other industry are legel